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Westby Racing’s Cody Wyman Withdraws From Racing This Weekend At The Ridge Motorsports Park

August 30, 2020 -

Westby Racing’s Junior Cup rider, Cody Wyman, had a tough start to his weekend at Ridge Motorsports Park.

Cody, who rides the team’s #34 Yamaha YZF-R3, unfortunately suffered a tipover during Thursday’s Official Dunlop MotoAmerica Test and bumped his head. He was thoroughly checked for a concussion by MotoAmerica’s medical staff, and the results were negative. But, during Friday’s Qualifying 1 session, he didn’t feel completely well, and after the session, he and the team decided that he would sit out the remainder of the weekend.

Cody commented, “After my crash yesterday, I went to medical, and they did a cognitive test where they asked me questions, and I self-rated my headache pain, eye pressure, etc. I was told that I was cleared, but that I need to self-monitor my symptoms. I relaxed and slept fine last night. I didn’t feel too bad this morning, and I tried to ride, but I started to not feel well while on the bike. I kept losing focus and experienced ocular headaches during the session.

“It’s a real bummer, but unfortunately, I have to withdraw from this weekend’s races. Yesterday, I clipped one of the bumps next to the apex curb, lost the front of the bike, and hit my head. After relaxing and getting a good night’s rest, I tried to ride today and felt symptoms on the bike. It really sucks because I thought I could’ve had good pace at this track, but head injuries are nothing to play around with. Thank you to my Dad for rebuilding the bike and to everyone for reaching out to see if I was okay. It’s part of racing, but we will come back swinging in New Jersey.”

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