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Tulsa, OK - February 20, 2019 –

Westby Racing team riders Mathew Scholtz and Sam Lochoff got together with their crew at a couple of trackdays that took place in Florida over the past weekend. Riding first at Jennings GP in Jennings, Florida, and then at Palm Beach International Raceway in Jupiter, Florida, Mathew tested the team’s Yamaha YZF-R1 Superbike, which is now equipped with some new components, including a Suter swingarm and a complete Magneti-Marelli electronics system. Meanwhile, Sam was aboard the Westby Racing Yamaha YZF-R3 Junior Cup motorcycle.


According to crew chief Ed Sullivan, both tests went extremely well, with Mathew and Sam able to run a decent number laps at both race courses, despite heavy trackday traffic at both venues.


“It’s early days with the Magneti-Marelli system, but we’ve already seen some big improvements in the bike,” commented Ed. “We worked on our engine-brake strategy, and made some really good progress there. Also, Mathew’s starts have been something we’ve been trying to improve, and the Magneti-Marelli’s launch-control features have already been a huge help. Herschel Auxier, our Electronics Specialist, is doing a brilliant job in dialing in the new system.”


Mathew echoed Ed’s comments about the improvements to the bike, saying “At Jennings, our lap times there were as fast right from the start as the fastest we’ve gone there in the past. The bike is definitely easier to ride with the new electronics, the new swingarm, and a few other pieces. I’d never been to Palm Beach before, and that track felt similar to some of the tracks we race on the MotoAmerica schedule. The bike felt good there, so I’m definitely encouraged that we’ll be able to close the gap to the factory guys a little more this year. We can see a lot more potential in the bike with the Marelli system, so we’re all excited about that.”


Sam’s crew chief Frank Shockley was very pleased with how the team’s new South African Junior Cup rider performed at the two tests, and he commented, “This was Sam’s first time aboard the Westby Racing Yamaha R3, and he really raised our eyebrows with how fast he went, especially considering that the bike is currently in mostly stock form with a pipe and some suspension pieces. We haven’t installed the new GYTR race kit yet that MotoAmerica is now allowing for 2019 Junior Cup competition, so obviously, we expect even better laptimes from Sam when the bike is in full race trim. But, for now, we’re very happy. He’s the real deal.”


Sam said, “The test went great, and I’m extremely excited to race in MotoAmerica Junior Cup this year. I can’t wait to see the new tracks in America. I’m also looking forward to having the GYTR kit installed on my R3 because the bike will be a bullet. I raced with the kit in my R3 last year in Europe, and it’s good for at least another 10 miles per hour on the straights.”


In related news, Westby Racing is proud to announce that MOTOREX Oil of Switzerland has joined the team as a sponsor and supplier of lubricants. MOTOREX has a long history of involvement in motorcycle racing throughout the world. Their products were born in racing and are proven to deliver maximum performance in everyday use. Westby Racing is very happy to have MOTOREX on board and in use in the team’s racebikes and equipment.

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