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Team Yamalube/Westby Racing appreciates our Sponsors!

Our success has been driven by a shared passion for motorcycles and motorcycle roadracing.

What They're Saying

"The Westby Racing team is a dream to work with. Here’s why:

-Trackside activation: First of all, the Westby Racing trackside model is something that should be studied and copied by the rest of the teams in the paddock (especially the factories). They engage race fans, who are a direct consumer/potential consumer with sponsor product. What’s more, they allow for a footprint in their hospitality area for sponsors to activate and show off product to a multitude of potential customers each race weekend.

-Social activation/web based activation(s): Again, something that the rest of the series should be paying attention to, and copying. They allow for sponsors to take part in giveaways, educate consumers and fans on the series and its sponsors. Most importantly, these activations create traction in an ever-changing social landscape.

-X-Factor: The Westby Racing team is full of good people. It doesn’t matter what is happening on track, you will be greeted with a smile and a handshake. It is my goal to work with this team as long as they’ll have Bell as a partner. "

Christopher I. Killen

  Marketing Manager

  Bell Helmets

"Working with the Westby Team is the best thing that can happen to a sponsor. Every single member of the crew is 100% committed to reach the best result on track, as well as on the commercial/communication side of the business. Every aspect of the collaboration is always very clear, planned in advance and we've never had to rush to cover "last minute problems". 

The way the whole team appears on various media (printed, web and tv) gives an extremely professional feeling; the bike and semi look perfect and the effort they put in showcasing our products at the events is outstanding. 

I'm proudly supporting the team, and wish to continue this adventure together for years to come.

Thanks Wing Warriors!"

Alessandro Todescato
  Marketing dept
Spidi Inc.

"We've had the pleasure of working with several professional teams around the world and I can say with confidence that our partnership with Westby Racing has been the most fulfilling. As a business owner, I am always going to look at return on investment. Westby does a great job of going above and beyond to assure that our investment is returned and perhaps more importantly, they offer us a very interactive level of involvement in
that process.

The team as a whole is very professional and pleasant to work with. When we've had the ability to attend races or their facilities, we've been treated like family. We'll certainly be partnering with Westby for years to come."

Freddy Carswell
Superbike Unlimited

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