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Westby Racing To Support Attack Performance Products In MotoAmerica

Attack Performance photo

Tulsa, OK – April 2, 2021 –

To further their commitment to road racers and MotoAmerica, Attack Performance has partnered with Westby Racing to offer support to everyone using Attack Performance products at all MotoAmerica rounds and official tests.


Westby Racing is proud to represent Attack Performance for the second year in a row. For 2021, Westby has acquired a team transporter from Attack Performance that will showcase Attack Performance chassis parts during MotoAmerica rounds in an expanded activation area at Westby Racing’s paddock location.


In an effort to help grow the paddock, Westby and Attack feel that it’s extremely important for both our existing and also future Yamaha road racers to have quick and easy access to products and support that will give them an advantage both on and off the track.


Attack Racing team owner Richard Stanboli said, “Attack Racing has been very fortunate to partner with Yamaha, the best sponsors, and the finest riders in the nation. In turn, we pass our technology on to others with the goal of raising the level of competition within our national series, which is MotoAmerica.


“Westby Racing has proven to be a great partner in racing, and we are happy to provide them with the transportation and products necessary to not only improve their competitiveness but also support any racer in and out of our series. We are confident they will be instrumental in this venture.”


To find out more about utilizing this service and to become part of our mailing list, please contact Westby Racing team manager Chuck Giacchetto at


Please visit for a complete range of user-friendly chassis parts. For direct sales, please contact or call 800-575-9212 (U.S.A. only) or 714-698-4919.

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