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Yamalube/Westby Racing Teammate Dustin Meador Substitutes For Injured Josh Day At New Jersey​

Millville, NJ - April 29, 2016 – Despite fracturing his thumb less than two weeks ago at Road Atlanta, Yamalube/Westby Racing’s Josh Day came into round three of the 2016 MotoAmerica AMA/FIM North American Road Racing Championship at New Jersey Motorsports Park with hopes of competing in the Superstock 1000 class aboard his #00 Yamaha YZF-R1. But, on Thursday, Josh and the team decided to give the injury more time to heal before Josh races again.


“I made a return visit to Ortho Atlanta earlier this week after having surgery last week, and Dr. Lamberson fitted me for a brace,” Josh said on Thursday. “I was optimistic that I’d be able to give it a go this weekend, but the injury just hasn’t healed enough despite doing everything we could to be ready for this weekend. My team and I decided that I will sit this one out, and my teammate Dustin is going to ride the bike here at New Jersey.”


Dustin Meador, one of the team technicians, laid down his Beta USA tools, picked up his helmet, leathers, and boots, and participated in Friday’s first practice session aboard the #00 Yamalube/Westby Racing R1, with a “3” added to the front of the iconic double-zero to form the competition #300 that MotoAmerica assigned to Dustin.


Dustin is an experienced rider from Tulsa, OK, and is a long-time Westby employee. He has raced for several years with WERA Motorcycle Roadracing, the CMRA (Central Motorcycle Roadracing Association), and he was also part of the Westby Racing/ team that won the AMA SunTrust Moto-GT 8 Hours At Daytona in 2009. Dustin’s teammates for that event included Dane Westby, Josh Hayes, and Jeff Wood.


“It’s not every team that can recruit an experienced rider from within their own crew,” commented Yamalube/Westby Racing team manager Chuck Giacchetto. “But Dustin has logged a lot of seat time, won a lot of races, and he’s very fast. We’re confident in his ability to carry the torch for the team here at New Jersey.


“We certainly wish that Josh was on the bike, but we want to make sure he’s healthy, and it hasn’t even been two weeks since the injury. Dustin is the perfect choice for this weekend, and Josh is helping him in every way he can.”


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