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Frank Shockley

Position - Chassis Technician

About Frank

Frank was born the son of a motorcycle racer, so for him motorcycles and racing are a natural part of his life since day one.

"I got my first mini bike when I was nine (Kawasaki kt30) first motorcycle at eleven (Rickman 125).
I started racing flat track at age 13 through 16, then all the local tracks closed and I thought my racing career was over.
I was 24 when I discovered Roadracing and fell in love with the sport,  I have been involved in Roadracing ever since."

Some of Frank's highlights are:

2015 AMA Grand Champion in Lwt Superbike

2015 CCS National Champion in F40 Lwt & Lwt Superbike

2007, 2008, 2009 AMA PRO Moto-GT2 National Champion (endurance racing as Touring Sport Ducshop Ducati)

2004 WERA Senior Superbike National Champion

Frank also happens to be a proud sponsor of the Westby Racing team. During the 2017 season, Westby Racing was using all of Fast Frank's 2015 Up R1 products while contending in the MotoAmerica Super Stock 1000 Class.

For more information about Fast Frank Racing, please visit

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