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June 5, 2020 – 

GBRacing is excited to announce the launch of its new ZERO-e sustainability project to coincide with World Environment Day on Friday June 5, a United Nations Environment initiative that encourages individuals and businesses to learn, share and act on the ways in which we can all have a positive impact on the environment.
The theme for this year’s World Environment Day is ‘Time for Nature’ with a clear message that to care for ourselves, we need to care for nature and, as we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, that we learn and ‘build back better for people and planet’.
Further inspired by the success of the FIM’s ‘Ride Green’ and KiSS (Keep it Shiny and Sustainable) initiatives, GBRacing joins the commitment to increase sustainability and environmental responsibility across motorsport, launching the first ever self-sufficient, sustainable support vehicle in the World Superbike paddock: the ‘ZERO-e’ project.
GBRacing’s Euro-6-compliant Mercedes Actros truck will run entirely on solar power for the duration of each World Superbike event, contributing towards lower energy use at each of the circuits it will visit throughout the year. This innovative project sets a new pace for environmental responsibility, something that is absolutely crucial for the future of both our beloved sport and the planet.

Utilising the latest in solar and battery technology, the team can now stay ‘off grid’ for the entirety of World Superbike events: from cooking to showering, all the way through to powering laptops and even ensuring guests’ beers are kept cool, the complex system of solar panels and batteries will provide sufficient energy for the team to live comfortably for at least four days.
This pioneering achievement was accomplished through close collaboration with MG Energy Systems, Solara Energy, Energy Solutions and Victron Energy, who all provided invaluable expertise and enthusiasm towards this unique project.
Graham Banks, the founder and managing director of GBRacing said:

“As a manufacturing company we’re constantly trying to reduce our carbon footprint, be that through sourcing materials as locally as possible to reduce the effects of transportation, or by working on ways to recycle our engineering waste. We’ve also reduced air travel by over 50% over the last two years by planning our meetings with our European partners in a way that often allows us to use domestic rail services.


“The idea for the ZERO-e project came about having seen how much effort the FIM is putting into its Ride Green and KiSS initiatives. It has proved that what might appear to be a small change for an individual, can have a massive impact if that change is made as a collective.

“Coming back from the coronavirus pandemic, the UN message on building back better for people and planet is one that GBRacing is fully behind and we would urge other companies and individuals to read more on the World Environment Day website. As a collective we can make a real difference, and promote a very positive side of motorcycling. Together we can act for nature.”

Kattia Juárez, Director of the FIM Sustainability Commission commented:

"Every year we look forward to celebrating World Environment Day with our great family and our partners. On this occasion we applaud and promote the sustainable actions, which we carry out throughout the year. 2020 is a very special year, in which we have been away from our fans, our circuits, our people, but with an essential purpose: health.
"The return, as recently announced by our president, should be a return supported by the pillar of sustainability, among other key considerations. Sport is not exempt from returning stronger from this situation in terms of sustainability and for this reason it will be necessary to focus on people, the environment, plus security and the economic impact too. The objectives of sustainable development mark the path on our road to sustainability and one of them is the development of partnerships.

"We are very happy that our Ride Green philosophy has inspired our friends at GBRacing and that together we share the goal of sustainability of sport on this special day. I am sure this will be the start of many other joint projects based on sustainable sport. Happy World Environment Day."

For more information, or for hi-resolution images, contact Rob Hoyles
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