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About Sean – He’s big on Yamaha, The New York Giants, The Syracuse Orange and his Family. Sean’s greatest professional achievement has been working with TBDBITL (The Best Damn Brand In The Land [Yamaha]) and his goal  is to keep promoting Yamaha road racing until they have to pry his cold, dead hands off his laptop. In Sean’s own words (he’s our press guy and words are his business so we figured no paraphrasing allowed!):


“My love for all things Yamaha started as a young boy growing up in far northern New York State. My father bought two Yamaha snowmobiles one winter, and the seed was planted. From there, I progressed to Yamaha motorcycles when I turned 16, then on to college where Yamaha ads featuring Kenny Roberts, Bob Hannah, Broc Glover, and Mike Bell pointed me towards a degree in English Writing and a career as an advertising copywriter, all the while dreaming of some day writing for Yamaha in some capacity. Years of networking, honing my writing and public relations skills, attending races, and being Yamaha’s biggest fan finally paid off.”


“As Press Officer for Yamalube/Westby Racing, I work in the public relations and marketing realm with the team and rider Josh Day. I help promote the team and team sponsors by writing press releases, posting content on social media channels, and helping the rider and team secure media interviews and interact with the fans. With seven vintage Yamahas in my garage and a vast collection of Yamaha motorcycle brochures extending all the way back to 1959, I’m also a Yamaha motorcycle historian. I truly do what I love, and my job is something I dreamed of, and hoped for, since I was about 10 years old.”

Mr. Bennington

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