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Birmingham, AL – September 20, 2018 –

Westby Racing’s Golden Ticket Giveaway garnered more than 2,500 entries, and from that large group of enthusiastic fans, Joann Halpin, 23, from Albuquerque, New Mexico, was the big winner. As part of her Westby Racing Golden Ticket prize package, Joann and her guest Eric Cooper were flown to Birmingham, Alabama, put up in a Birmingham-area hotel for the weekend, and today, they began their Westby Racing Golden Ticket dream weekend at Barber Motorsports Park, as they attend the Final Round of the 2018 MotoAmerica season.


When first notified that she was the Westby Racing Golden Ticket Winner, Joann was understandably incredulous about the news. “I’m definitely so glad this isn’t a hoax,” Joann said. “Thank you so much! We are really looking forward to this incredible event!”


On Friday at the track, Joann was presented with a Westby Racing sponsor prize package, which included:


- Two Bell Race Star Flex helmets, hoodies, and T-shirts from Bell

- 200-piece repair kit from Pro-Bolt

- Brake rotors and t-shirts from Superbike Unlimited

- A $148.00 voucher for front & rear brake line kits from Core Moto

- Handlebars or clip-ons, front and rear chain wheels, and a chain from Renthal

- A helmet dryer from TAW

- A motorcycle windscreen from Zero Gravity

- A backpack, hats, and T-shirts from Spidi

- T-shirts and miscellaneous branded merchandise from RK Excel America

- T-shirts from Evol Technology


In addition to airfare, hotel accommodations, and all the sponsor prizes and branded swag, Joann and her guest will be treated to the following this weekend at Barber Motorsports Park:


- Wing Warrior Credentials, including Hot Pit Passes

- Track Walk with Mathew Scholtz & Yamalube/Westby Racing crew chief Ed Sullivan

- Dunlop M4 Suzuki 2-Seater Ride

- Presentation of Trophies to MotoAmerica Superbike Superpole Podium

- Lunch with Wayne Rainey at MotoAmerica Hospitality

- Media Center Tour / PA Announcer Booth Interview/Race Control Booth Tour/beIN Sports TV Production Booth Tour

- Pre-Race Photo On Starting Grid with Mathew

- Lunch with Yamalube/Westby Racing Team at Yamaha Hospitality

- Safety Car Lap


“Westby Racing is such a special team,” Joann added. “It’s only the first day of this amazing weekend, and I already feel like part of their family. Eric and I are huge race fans, and long-time Westby Racing fans, too. And we both ride, so the Bell helmets and all the other bike parts and accessories are extra-special to us, along with the on-track experiences, the plane tickets and hotel room. It’s just overwhelming. We’re so thankful for everything!”


Chuck Giacchetto, Team Manager for Yamalube/Westby Racing commented, “On behalf of everyone on our team and in the home office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I want to congratulate Joann on being our Westby Racing Golden Ticket Winner. I also want to thank Bell Helmets and our other team sponsors who stepped up big and loaded up the Golden Ticket prize package with some truly special gifts. Our partnership with our sponsors is vital to the success of our team, and the Golden Ticket prize package is just one more reason why our sponsors are the best in the business.”

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