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For most racing teams, the only thing that seems to remain constant is change. Whether it’s the bikes, the parts, or the equipment, something always needs to be adjusted, repaired, or replaced. And personnel sometimes change, too. Crewmembers leave to pursue other interests, new people join the team, and sometimes more people are added, which grows the team.


All those factors contribute to team success…or lack of success. And, as Aristotle once wrote, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Together, Westby Racing has enjoyed a lot of success over the years because the sum of its parts has gotten results in the form of race wins and podium results.


The team was born out of the love that Tryg Westby has for his son Dane, and for the sport of motorcycle road racing. And, when Dane passed, the team was devastated. But, as William Ernest Henley wrote in the poem Invictus, with “head…bloody, but unbowed,” Westby Racing soldiered on, not only because that’s how Dane would have wanted it, but also because the team is bigger than any one member…even when it’s a member as integral and important as Dane was.


Change happens in a lot of different ways: by choice, by chance, and even by tragedy. And, what Westby Racing is today may not be what they will become tomorrow. Dane left this world with unfinished business, and that’s what Westby Racing will always be. Unfinished business.

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