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Meet the Westby Racing Team

John Trygve “Tryg” Westby

Position: Team Owner

About Tryg - With decades of experience, ironclad integrity, and vast store of mechanical knowledge, Tryg Westby has earned both recognition and respect at the local, regional, and national levels.  Since his first motorcycle at age 11, to the custom-fabrication he does today, motorcycles, motorcycle  racing, and the motorcycle business have been and continue to be a large part of his life.  After more than 2 decades of professional race experience, Tryg turned his talents to business ownership.  His first endeavor was The Kinetic Playground- a high performance motorcycle retail, service, maintenance/repair shop and custom fabrication facility in the heart of Tulsa, OK. Then Tryg became the owner of a Honda motorcycle dealership for a time. After selling the Honda business, Tryg went back to The Kinetic Playground. Twenty-seven years and a good run later, he sold Kinetic and began his current enterprise, T Westby Corp, a property management company/ corporate umbrella for Westby Racing LLC.  Tryg is known to the Team as “Pops” and they all hold him in high regard.  Not only is he one of the good guys, he’s  known as a master mechanic / troubleshooter, with the ability to completely disassemble and reassemble any motorcycle…and besides that, he’s funny as heck!

Tryg with his dear wife, Jane 
(Mother of Dane "The Wolverine" Westby and Scarlett Westby)

The late, great Bonnie

Bacon (foreground) and Speed (background)


John Trygve “Tryg” Westby
Team Owner

The Riders


Freddy Carswell
Electronics Support


Beth Neuer
Assistant Marketing Manager
Team Ambassador

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