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Meet the Westby Racing Team

Position: Team Manager 

About Chuck- Chuck is the glue that brings the entire Westby Racing operation together, as well as the oil that helps keep it running smoothly on a daily basis. He manages sponsor relationships; solicits and cultivates new sponsors; establishes and maintains relationships with component manufacturers, vendors, and parts suppliers; manages the team’s bikes, parts, and equipment inventory; and ensures that the team transporter is in tiptop shape and that it gets to and from the track on-time. At the racetrack, Chuck oversees the team’s paddock and pitlane setup, attends the entrant meetings, provides technical assistance, and coordinates with Crew Chief on team matters and the Marketing Director on sponsor activation. He also works closely with MotoAmerica as an advisor on everything from rules and regulations to potential new race venues.

Chuck Giacchetto


Chuck Giacchetto
Team Manager

The Riders

The Crew

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