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Meet the Westby Racing Team

Position: Technician II


Quentin Wilson

About Quentin – 

Quentin is originally from Central Texas and is an MMI graduate from 1997.  He became a Ducati Certified Technician in 1999 and worked on as a mechanic in the Los Angeles at Pro Italia Motors.  He ended up at Team Graves Yamaha from 2004-2007 as a chassis technician for Gobert, Bostrom, DiSalvo, Herrin, and Henry (supermoto). He worked at prototype racebike builder MotoCzysz when it was still a piston engined project, then moved on to Ducati North America as a regional representative (rep) for many years. After that he had a stint as a regional rep for electric dirtbike start-up Alta Motors, then most recently as a rep for German accessory manufacturer SW-Motech.  He has been on the crew for many different Pikes Peak Hillclimb efforts, crewing for Smith, Tracy, Cernicky, and Robinson.  He also was on the crew for a few Willow Springs Toyota 200 endurance races, working for Team Hypercycle with Hale, Rapp, and Barnes.  He roadraced a RS125 with USGPRU series, races local club events and had been able to do some rounds of the AMA series while working for Ducati racing a Supersport prepped 848.  He now lives in Portland, Oregon with his smoosh-faced cat Mupo and spends most of his time riding off-road and adventure motorcycles.

Quentin with his cat, Mupo, also known as Moops - he is an elderly rescue exotic shorthair. 


John Trygve “Tryg” Westby
Team Owner

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